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Business Broadband


5MB-10GB packages
Symmetrical upload / download
First class support & low latency
From £69.99/pm + VAT


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5-200Mb packages
Symmetrical upload / download
First class support & low latency
From £19.99/pm


What we do

SugarNet provides superfast Internet where traditional ISPs don’t. We use specially developed, long-range wireless communications technology to deliver Superfast broadband speeds where traditional, cabled ISPs can’t.

SugarNet is not satellite, there are no telephone cables and our service can match or beat fibre-optic speeds and latencies for roughly the same monthly cost. Our service is also “synchronous”, meaning the upload is as fast as the download, this is very rare amongst ISPs and makes an enormous difference to two way communications.

How it Works

SugarNet vs. Traditional ISPs

Traditional ISPs rely on a physical network of fibre-optic cables often mixed with old fashioned copper phone lines to deliver broadband. In more rural areas it is simply impractical to lay new fibre-optic cables to everyone’s door.

Wireless Connection

SugarNet completely circumvents this issue by replacing physical cables with wireless radio technology. We have a network of “Beacons” that beam a radio signal to a small box on your roof, completely replacing the need for a physical point to point connection.

Superfast Broadband

It’s not a substitute for a physical fibre optic cable, it’s a genuine alternative, capable of delivering 100Mbps+ speeds.

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Business Broadband


Home Broadband


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See what our customers think.

Many thanks for sending the Zorro of IT to us today. He was in and out in a flash and we’re delighted to be enjoying the fruits of his labour: our hair is billowing behind us as we face our screens and experience the thrilling speed of the new connection.

Ian O’Brien StudioUpton, Oxfordshire

SugarNet has delivered a fast and reliable internet service that cannot be matched by any of the providers that rely on copper wires. BT will take years to upgrade the exchanges in rural areas and Sugarnet has transformed my ability to work from home with high speed broadband, significantly improved communications and access to digital entertainment.


I work at home and so the new internet has made such a noticeable difference to me… business is a lot less hassle and I am able to get more done. Video calling is faster and much smoother too, I used to have to avoid using programs like Skype altogether but I’ve found the picture quality and speed makes it much easier to have a conversation. Thank you!


My line runs BETTER and FASTER than my old BT set up ever did. HIGHLY RECOMENDED you will not be disappointed, you and your business deserve this service provider.

PaulParkland Meat Company, Shenington