Secure, resilient communications wherever your office.

High Speeds & Low Latency

Prioritised, high speed, traffic, ideal for VoIP, Video Conferencing and Cloud Based Tools

Fast Support

Fast response to problems from a dedicated support team.

Business internet packages for all shapes and sizes.

SugarNet can cater for anything from a small local business or home office to a large, multi-site corporate enterprise. Our standard internet packages are designed to fit the needs of 95% of our clients, but we can and do offer bespoke packages catering to specific technical needs, higher bandwidths and specific SLA’s.  Using a mixture of fibre and microwave technologies we can deliver high speed, low latency services to even the most rural of locations.

Business vs. Home Broadband

Our business broadband packages offer a number of advantages over our home packages:

    • Faster support ensures that if you ever have any problems we get you back online quickly.
    • Prioritised traffic ensures that what ever the time of day your connection stays fast and important VoIP or video traffic stays at the top of the list.
    • Faster install times get you up and running quickly.
    • Static IP’s are available to localise your services

Synchronous Speeds

Unlike most broadband providers our upload speeds are equal to our download speeds. This not only makes browsing the web feel faster but also significantly streamlines day-to-day business activities like file sharing, cloud hosted applications and video conferencing.



Standard Business Packages

If you need a solid, fast and reliable internet connection for your business, SugarNet can help. We have already helped revolutionise the communications systems for many businesses, large and small, whose trickling internet speeds were not only causing frustration, but becoming a genuine threat to the viability of their business.  If you need something a little more than the speeds listed below get in touch to discuss dedicated/leased lines and Gigibit+ speed options.

Small Business

£ 69.99

(+VAT) Per Month
      • Download speed 5Mb*
      • Upload speed 5Mb*
      • One off installation cost £169**
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Medium Business

£ 99.99

(+VAT) Per Month
      • Download speed 10Mb*
      • Upload speed 10Mb*
      • One off installation cost £169**
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Premium Business

£ 149.99

(+VAT) Per Month
      • Download speed 20Mb*
      • Upload speed 20Mb*
      • One off installation cost £169**
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Enterprise Business

£ 189.99

(+VAT) Per Month
      • Download speed 30Mb*
      • Upload speed 30Mb*
      • One off installation cost £169**
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Broadband for Business Parks

SugarNet don’t just provide solutions for individual businesses. We also engineer solutions for entire business parks. In fact, it was the necessity to provide superfast internet into a business park that was the founding idea behind SugarNet. We regularly hook-up both rural and city business parks with superfast connections giving tenants an important “must-have” resource and in some cases ensuring the viability and survival of the business parks themselves.

If you would be interested in offering faster broadband or an alternative provider to your tenants please do get in touch.

SugarNet are able to create public wifi networks covering both indoor and outdoor areas. Whether you are a council looking to create town-wide community internet infrastructure, a shopping-centre wishing to deliver public wifi access or a sports stadium wishing to give fans superfast internet –  SugarNet can deliver a stable, robustly engineered solution ensuring your end-users have a great experience.

Public Wifi

Additional Services for Businesses

MPLS – Secure site to site VPN

Using secure VPN’s Sugarnet can bring all your offices, remote locations and remote workers together into one secure network.  Using our wireless infrastructure, mobile connections, ADSL and fibre all your locations can act as one and you can rest assured that the security of your data is protected.

Dedicated/Leased Line

If your business needs a guaranteed bandwidth pipe that never dips with demand this is the solution for you.  Sugarnet can use it’s extensive wireless network and fibre networks to provide guaranteed speeds almost anywhere.   Dedicated/Leased lines also come with high SLA’s to give you piece of mind about the stability of your critical infrastructure.

Unlike our wireless infrastructure, we are able to provide fibre optic leased line connections anywhere in the  UK.

More information is available on our Leased Lines page.

BGP Transit

If you require to advertise your own IP address space, or are looking to implement BGP for redundancy Sugarnet can provide BGP services at any location across our network.

We operate a fully multi-homed geographically redundant network and can upon request arrange peering with specific providers.

*Upload & Download Speeds
Maximum available downloads and upload speeds are quoted. Whilst in practice you will usually attain speeds at or very close to these levels it is occasionally possible that speeds will drop below these levels for a period of time.
**Installation Fee
As previously mentioned, SugarNet utilises a new, cutting edge, wireless system which works incredibly well. This excellent technology costs significantly more than standard internet provider equipment which is why a (subsidised) install fee is necessary.