Internet Leased Lines & Point-to-Point Ethernet

Our highly reliable, SLA-backed, leased line internet connectivity provides uncontended access to the internet for your business. Symmetrical download/upload speeds from 10Mb/s to 10Gb/s guarantee critical connectivity needs are met and our managed service removes the uncertainties and bandwidth limitations of traditional broadband.

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Guaranteed, Uncontened Access

100% fibre optic Ethernet connectivity, directly to your business premises, guarantees that your speeds never drop.

Choice of Contract Terms

Sugarnet offer 12, 24 and 36 months leased line ethernet contract terms giving you the flexibility to choose the connectivity you need.

Active service monitoring and fault detection

We monitor your connection 24/7, automatically alerting you to any faults, service degradation or other issues that might impact on the performance you rely on.

Resilient backup options

Sometimes 100% uptime is vital. We can offer various backup options to guard against anything going wrong. By adding additional ADSL2+, FTTC, EFM or a second, diversely routed, leased line ethernet connection and using BGP routing we can ensure you never notice any drop in your connectivity, keeping you online 100% of the time.

Up to 99.99% uptime guarantee

Our standard SLAs offer a 99.99% uptime SLA, giving you confidence that your business critical connectivity needs are always met.

Symmetrical Connectivity

Symmetrical upload and download speeds make digital communications faster and more reliable, ensuring greater productivity.

High quality bandwidth

Not all internet connections are equal. Our network is built to offer low latency, high-quality connections, with peering arrangements with the network you care about most. Quality of Service enablement (QOS) ensures critical traffic, like Voice over IP are prioritised, ensuring crisp, clear calls.

Connecting to the services most important to you.

Is there a particular service or provider that you require low-latency, high-capacity connectivity to?  Our Tier 2 network allows us to peer with many networks important to you, providing the highest quality connections.  We peer with many of the key service networks such as AWS, Rackspace and VoIP providers to ensure unparalleled connectivity.

Point-to-Point Ethernet

Point-to-Point Ethernet services provide a highly secure, low-latency, fibre optic connection between any two points in the UK.  These are ideal for companies with data intensive services used across branches, warehouses and buildings.  Uptime SLAs and bandwidth speeds of up to 10Gb/s provide unparalleled connectivity and reliability.

Point-to-Point Ethernet services differ from direct fibre (often called Dark Fibre) by leveraging carriers’ existing infrastructure in the UK.  You only pay for the construction costs between each building and the nearest exchange.  In addition, this allows you to leverage the resilience of the carrier’s network, leaving you less exposed to outages.

As an alternative to Point-to-Point services, Sugarnet can provide private vLANs across any number of leased line connections.  This, with the addition of MPLS where required, ensures high speed, low latency interconnects between any number of premises within your existing data commitment.

Leased Line Order Process

Once you have placed an order and the contracts have been signed, we’ll instruct the carrier to complete a survey at your premises.  This normally takes around two weeks.  If any install fees (ECCs) are added by the carrier, it’s at this point that we’ll find out and let you know.  You have the right to cancel the order at no cost to you if this does happen. If there are no additional fees, or if you are happy to pay them, the order will move to the delivery phase.

Once the fibre optic cable has been installed into your premises, a ‘final fit and test’ is completed.  Typically within one week of this, the service will then be handed over to us, when we too will test the connectivity.   If you have ordered a managed service or asked us to provision a router for you, we’ll send this out on a next day courier, or where requested a member of the Sugarnet team may visit (within 7 days) to fit the router.  Once the router is installed, we will activate the leased line service, putting your connection live.

On average the whole process takes approximately 60 days.  We’ll be available to support you through the install process and will keep you fully updated though out.

As soon as the service goes live we’ll set you up with access to our support portal so that if you ever need help or changes to be made you can contact us 24/7.

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Leased Line FAQs

Below are some of the common questions that we get asked about Leased Line services. If there is any other information you need, or you would like to talk to someone about the best solution for you, please contact us on 0330 113 1949 or through the contact form below.

What is the cost to install a leased line?

The cost to install a leased line is dependent on the distance of your premises to the nearest exchange, the complexity of the route between you and the exchange and if there is any existing infrastructure that the carrier can use to deliver the fibre optic connection.

In most places in the UK there is ducting owned by Openreach that can be used to deliver the connection, however, in some cases, civils works may be required which may increase the costs.  These costs are referred to as Excess Construction Charges or ECCs.

Typically, ECCs of less than £2,800 will lead to you incurring no charge at all, and in many places in the UK this will mean you could expect little to no install costs.

Contract length may also have an impact on the install fees.  Typically, shorter contracts will incur a higher install cost.  At the point of quoting, we can give you these price options and help you decide what would be the best option for your business.

Previous leased line costs have had too higher ECC installation charges, will yours be different?

Most carriers will tend to use Openreach to provide the ‘last mile’ fibre connection between your premises and the local exchange.  It’s therefore likely that they will all quote very similar Excess Construction Costs (ECCs).

There are ways that we can sometimes reduce this for you, particularly in rural areas.  We are able to install our own fibre ducting to business parks and estates, often at a lower cost than the carriers.  We also utilise highly stable, high capacity, ultra-low latency wireless links to deliver the last mile services in rural areas.

Get in touch with our sales team to see if we can help reduce your leased line installation costs.

Will you provide a router for my leased line?

For managed services, we will provide a pre-configured router for you to connect your network to.  We will monitor and manage this remotely for you.  Typically, we will provide a Juniper, Cisco or Mikrotik router, depending on your requirements and the leased line speed / CRD (committed data rate) you require.

For unmanaged services, we can provide a pre-programmed router if you require one, but will then leave the future management of the device to you.  We can also advise on appropriate routers and connection types.

How long does installation take?

As lease line installs often require varying levels of civils works, it’s hard to estimate how long an install may take.  Typically, from the point of placing an order, the carrier will complete a survey within two weeks.  The average lead-time from order to activation is 60 days.  However, unforeseen circumstances such as damaged ducting or works requiring highway traffic management can extend this time.  We will keep you updated throughout the process and update estimated delivery times.

Can I use my own IP space?

Absolutely.  We are happy to provide you with BGP connectivity, announce your prefixes for you or support you in a RIPE LLR application.

What is a leased line bearer?

Simply put, the leased line or point-to-point bearer determines the maximum speed your connection could be upgraded to.   For example, if you were to order a 50Mb/s service on a 100Mb/s bearer, the maximum you could upgrade your CDR (bandwidth) to would be 100Mb/s.  Higher speed bears cost more on a monthly basis, so it is worth carefully considering what your future needs may be.  We are always willing to advise on the best options for you.

The leased line bearer is the physical layer 1 and layer 2 connection point between our local point of presence and your business address.

Historically, the bearer speed was referred to as the wire speed of the connection.

Can you take over my existing leased line?

Whether or not we can take over your existing leased line service will depend on your contract with your current provider.  Often, where there is already a fibre presence in a building there is no additional cost to install an additional fibre circuit and it may be easier simply to install a new connection.  We have in the past however worked with other providers to route your traffic over their network and back to us.

If you would be interested in us taking over your current connection or moving your connectivity over to us get in touch with our sales team.

Can a leased line be provided anywhere in the country?

Yes, as a leased line is always installed directly to your premises, they can be installed anywhere in the UK and the bandwidth is always guaranteed – regardless of how far from the nearest exchange you are.

Once a leased line order has been placed a survey will always be carried out by the installers.  In most cases, this is a straight forwards process, but in some more remote areas, it may be a little more involved.  We’ll select a carrier based on the best availability in your area.  Once the survey has been completed we’ll notify you of the ECC (Excess Construction Charges) involved in the install (if there are any).  If you feel this is too high you can cancel the order at no cost to yourselves.

How secure is a leased line?

When the leased line is installed, a dedicated fibre optic cable is run between your router and the local exchange.  From there, your traffic flows over a private vLAN on the carrier’s network back to our data centres, before being routed out to the internet.  This highly secure connection method ensures there are no parties other than yourself, us and the carrier with access to your connection.

When transferring data over the internet though it’s not just about your connection to the rest of the world.  The key importance is the security of the protocol over which you are sending and receiving information.  (For example only using HTTPS websites to transmit and receive confidential information such as banking).  Talk to us if you would like further advice about protecting your data, methods such as Point-to-Point VPN encryption or any other security concerns.

Is the leased line connection provided over your own network?

Yes, Sugarnet runs a Tier II IP network under AS202867.  This gives us end-to-end control over the connectivity we provide.  We work with a number of carriers, including Vodafone, BT Openreach, BT Wholesale, Virgin Media, TalkTalk and many others who provide the fibre connectivity between our points of presence and your property.   This mix of carriers allows us to provide competitively priced services across the UK.

All of our carriers are chosen for their resilience, stability and the quality of their SLAs.

What is the difference between a managed and un-managed leased line service?

Sugernet offer both managed and unmanaged (often called self-managed) leased line connections.

With a managed service we will provide the router to you, managing and monitor the connection all the way to this point, making configuration changes for you as and when you require.  This helps to ensure we have full visibility of your connection at all times and can monitor its performance 24/7.

With an unmanaged service, we are unable to monitor or control the connection all the way to the premise as you would provide and manage the router yourselves.  This option is often well suited to companies with strong internal IT teams and will often be slightly lower cost.

How is the leased line presented on the premises?

The leased line will always be installed at the business address by running a fibre optic cable to the location of your choice (normally a communications cabinet or service room).   From there, it will connect to your router and can be presented to you as either an RJ45 ethernet connector (for speeds up to 1GB/s) or be fibre optic connector.  At the point of placing and order, we’ll ask you for your preference on this.

Can you provide us with a firewall?

Yes, we can provide you with an internet firewall to meet your security or content filtering requirements.  We offer a number of options from onsite self-managed firewalls to hosted or cloud-based firewall solutions.

How many public IP addresses do I get?

As standard Sugarnet will provide one /30 IPv4 subnet, allocating you one usable IP address.  On request, we will also allocate a /48 IPv6 pool.

Additional IP address can be requested but, due to the global shortage of IPv4 addresses, may require RIPE justification.

Can the speed/CDR be changed mid term?

Yes, it’s normally possible to change your committed data rate (the speed of your leased line connection) midway through the contract but there may be a small setup fee involved.  You can increase the speed all the way up to the size of the bearer you ordered at the point of install.  If a CDR uplift dramatically changes the amount of data you are sending and receiving it may also require a change of router at your premises.

What is the typical cost of a leased line?

The cost of a leased line is made up of four elements:  The distance from your premises to the nearest exchange; the speed you require; the contract length you choose; and, the bearer speed.  It’s therefore difficult to give guidance on the price without running a quote against your business address, but our 100Mb/s synchronous service normally starts at around £450 per month.

Can a leased line be securely shared between several businesses?

Yes.  Sugarnet can work with you and other business to connect multiple users and premises to a single leased line, helping to share the costs.  We will ensure that each business is securely separated from each other and manage the relationship with each user so as to ensure a reliable, dependable connection for everyone.  Using our fibre and microwave experience we can quickly and cost-effectively connect up business parks, bringing superfast and ultrafast broadband to everyone on the site.