No Phone Line / Line Rental

Our connections come to your property wirelessly so you don't have to have a phone line or pay line rental fees if you don't want to.

Great for Skype, Facetime & Gaming

All our connections have the same upload speed as the download speed. This means a better experience for video calls and gaming. We're don't use satellites either so the latency is low.

Works where BT doesn't

We're not just another provider using Openreach's infrastructure. We have our own independent infrastructure that delivers the speeds you pay for where others can't.

Our Home Broadband Packages

At SugarNet, we like to keep it simple.

We focus all our energy on ensuring our internet is fast, reliable, effective and affordable. We don’t believe in bamboozling our clients with a complex range of indecipherable packages in order to squeeze a few extra pounds out of you.

So here they are, all four of them:

Home Starter

£ 19.99

Per Month
  • Download speed 5Mb*
  • Upload speed 5Mb*
  • No data limits
  • One off installation cost £169**
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Home Super

£ 29.99

Per Month
  • Download speed 10Mb*
  • Upload speed 10Mb*
  • No data limits
  • One off installation cost £169**
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Home Turbo

£ 39.99

Per Month
  • Download speed 20Mb*
  • Upload speed 20Mb*
  • No data limits
  • One off installation cost £169**
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Home Ultra

£ 49.99

Per Month
  • Download speed 30Mb*
  • Upload speed 30Mb*
  • No data limits
  • One off installation cost £169**
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A little more info

Home Starter Package

The SugarNet “Starter” package is our entry level package – for those who need their internet to be reliable, fast and functional – day in, day out. It is designed to be great for normal modern internet usage in smaller households at a very competitive price.

Ideal for light users who primarily use the internet for email and web browsing.

Home Super Package

The Super package offers extra download and upload speed and is designed for the more active internet user – or for households which may have more people or devices connected at the same time. Those who are making regular video calls, transferring files and watching online TV will notice the benefits of extra bandwidth.

Home Turbo Package

The Turbo package offers fast, yet reliable speeds. The extra bandwidth makes the Turbo package better for online gaming, large file sharing, online video streaming and video calling. The extra speed is especially beneficial when there are multiple users connecting to your internet connection (iphones, ipads, laptops, XBox / PS4 etc.)

Home Ultra Package

Our superfast Ultra package is ideal for people working from home or houses where multiple people are likely to be streaming films, using iPlayer and browsing the internet all at the same time.  The high upload speed also makes it ideal for gamers.

How it works

Once you have placed your order our team will check your address to make sure there will be no problems supplying your service.  Once we are sure everything is ok we will contact you to arrange an install date – this is normally within one week but sometimes can take a couple of weeks if we are particularly busy.

Our installs will mount a small receiver on your property, usually on the same pole as your tv aerial.  The size of the device will depend on your proximity to our masts but will in all likelihood be a small button shaped device approximately 14-18cm in diameter.  From there a single wire runs down into your house to the spot where you would like your wireless router to be placed. Before leaving, the installer will ensure that you can connect to the wireless and everything works ok.

If you have any other questions check our FAQ page or give us a call

*Upload & Download Speeds

Maximum available downloads and upload speeds are quoted. Whilst in practice you will usually attain speeds at or very close to these levels it is occasionally possible that speeds will drop below these levels for a period of time.

**Installation Fee

As previously mentioned, SugarNet utilises a new, cutting edge, wireless system which works incredibly well. This excellent technology costs significantly more than standard internet provider equipment which is why a (subsidised) install fee is necessary.