A testimonial to be proud of

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Just moments after out installer had finished connecting our latest customer Ian O’Brien Studio we received this rather lovely email:


Ian O'Brien Studio

Many thanks for sending the Zorro of IT to us today. He was in and out in a flash and we’re delighted to be enjoying the fruits of his labour: our hair is billowing behind us as we face our screens and experience the thrilling speed of the new connection.


Located in Upton, near Banbury in Oxfordshire, Ian O’Brien Studio is covered by our high speed, synchronous broadband network.  It’s always nice to hear when local support really works.

If you would like to see if you too could be connected to our superfast broadband network click on the link below.

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Shift your focus to Upload Speeds.

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When you look at advertised broadband speeds, whether for home or business services, the download speed is always the headline figure.  For rural business in particular, where future proofing your investment in broadband connectivity is important, the perception that download speeds are the most important figure needs to shift.

Historically, our use of the internet was largely one way.  Content providers, like the BBC and Netflix along with research networks like Wikipedia and forums, placed the vast majority of content on the Internet for users to download and search in a relatively one-way manner.  Remote working, greater geographical spread, cloud services and a demand for greater real-time connectivity has changed this.


The difference between download and upload.

Imagine a conversation between two people.  The ‘download’ is the information that you are receiving from the person you are talking to.  Every time they speak they are sending ‘data’ to you.  This is the equivalent of the BBC sending an image to your web browser that you see in a news article, or Netflix streaming a video to you.

The upload is the information that you share with the other person – when you talk you are ‘uploading’ your information to them.  On the internet an example of this would be you emailing a large file, adding files to your Dropbox or making a video call.


Unnoticed uploads.

For business, and to a smaller degree home users, upload usage tends to happen behind the scenes.  As cloud services become the norm, file syncing and database syncing (such as calendars and address books) become something we rely on. This means our upload usage is constantly growing.  VoIP offers huge cost savings and flexibility and is reliant on good upload connectivity.


Leased Line Connections.

Leased line internet connections are the gold standard of business internet connections.  Providing secure, guaranteed and symmetrical bandwidth (the upload speed is the same as the download speed) they ensure the productivity does not suffer as a result of poor connectivity.

With a standard broadband connection, your internet connectivity runs from your house, through copper cables, to a local cabinet before being sent back to an ‘internet exchange’.  It is this cabinet and the copper between it and your premises that limit your bandwidth and contends your connectivity.  With a leased line, however, your connection is run over a dedicated length of fibre optic cable that runs directly from the exchange to your property, which you ‘lease’.  There is no bottleneck, no third party access and no connection sharing.

If you would like to know more about how a leased line connection can increase productivity in your business call us on 0845 235 1010 or request a quote on our leased line page.

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Fixed Wireless Access.

Our wireless rural broadband connections are truly synchronous.  The upload speed and download speeds will match, making it ideal for rural business and remote workers.  Clear voice calls and access to real-time collaboration tools ensure you can be as productive at home as in the office.  For budding photographers uploading large images, gamers playing online and families staying connected by facetime or skype, fast and reliable uploads provide a smooth, uninterrupted experience.  No more upload bars, frozen facetime images or stuttering voice calls.

To see if we can provide you with a better, synchronous, broadband connection please check our availability tool or view our rural home broadband and rural broadband package here:

Rural Home Broadband  Rural Business Broadband.

How to get Fast Broadband in Rural Areas

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Have you had enough of slow and unusable broadband speeds?

For those who have lived in rural areas of England, you will know the struggles when it comes to finding fast broadband. When you can’t get a bar of signal on your phone either, it may seem like there is nowhere to turn to get genuinely fast broadband speeds.

Stress no more! With SugarNet’s Rural Broadband service, you can get fast and reliable broadband in the most rural of areas.


So How Does Superfast Rural Broadband Work?

Our Superfast Rural Broadband is delivered by an innovative wireless network, which can deliver fast broadband speeds of up to 200Mbs for home users in rural areas. If you are looking for something with that extra strength for business purposes, we can provide dedicated fibre optic leased lines to business users, with guaranteed SLA’s and local support should you ever need us.

We have a high capacity network that is fully monitored and maintained to ensure that the broadband we deliver to our customers is reliable and of great quality. We also pride ourselves on providing a high standard of service, which is reflected by our friendly, local engineers.

Our fast broadband for rural areas is very cost effective. We understand that not everyone needs a landline anymore, so we don’t have any hidden costs like line rental fees. Speaking of extra fees, we don’t hit you with any data limits or any other extra costs that some other fast broadband providers do either.

So, are you living in an area where you cannot get fast broadband? It can be very counterproductive especially if you are working from home. Maybe you miss speaking to your friends on Skype without the awful buffering and latency that is inevitable when using slow broadband?

Our Superfast Rural Broadband service is tailored to help people just like you in rural areas searching for fast broadband that works!

Find out what SugarNet can do for you with Superfast Rural Broadband by getting in contact with one of our friendly advisors today! Alternatively, you can call us on 0845 235 1010.

If you need any further information about our Superfast Rural Broadband package or any of our other services, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Seven days to Superfast Swalcliffe!

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Seven days to Superfast Swalcliffe!

The Sugarnet Superfast Broadband build in Swalcliffe is nearly complete and we are now taking orders.

Swalcliffe Superfast Broadband

Church roof build nearly complete

The faculty to allow us to use the church roof in Swalcliffe is now in place and we are well into the process of the roof top build.  The link into the village, installation of the backup power supply and setup of most of the network equipment is now complete and, over the next few days, we’ll continue to rigorously test it.  Our team will be working on the infrastructure for the rest of the week, installing the remaining radios, with everything due to be completed and put live on Monday.

Placing an order

We’re excited to say that we are now taking orders for superfast broadband in Swalcliffe!  We hope to be able to connect the first homes next week.  Once an order has been placed, we aim to have you connected and online within seven working days.  We’ll provide a wireless hub for you to connect to and ensure you are getting the speeds you ordered before we leave your home.

To place your order for superfast broadband or if you have any questions about the process or which package may suit you best email hello@sugarnet.co.uk or call us on 0845 235 1010.

If you have already told us you would like to place an order, we’ll be in touch with you in the next couple of days to arrange an install date.


The Better Broadband Scheme

If your current broadband speed is less than 2 MB/s, or that is the best speed you could get from BT, you may qualify for the Better Broadband Scheme.  The scheme provides a voucher code to anyone with these low speeds that will subsidise all of your install costs.  You can find more details about the scheme and how to apply for a voucher code on our website here:


If you need any help, just let us know.


If you are interested in using a VoIP service for your home landline, we have partnered with Vonage, one of the world’s leading VoIP telephone service providers.  You can find out more about their offering on their website or by calling them on 0808 178 9615.

Alternatively, if you need something a little more specialist, we offer and support an alternative, fully customisable, VoIP service, backed by one of the world’s leading voice networks.

Local support from a local company

Based just up the road in Shenington, we aim to offer the support you would expect from a local company – fast, friendly and actually helpful.  If there are ever any problems, we’ll get to you fast.   Our orders team are in the office 9am – 5pm, Monday to Friday and if you ever need us when you can’t get hold of us, send an email to hello@sugarnet.co.uk and we’ll get back to you as quickly as we can.

Call: 0845 235 1010

Increased capacity, Faster downloads and an Ultrafast trial for Radway

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Faster speeds coming your way!

We’ve got big things planned for Radway and wanted to keep you in the loop about some changes we’ll be making and the timelines for them.

Superfast braodband in rural Radway

Increased Capacity, Faster Downloads.

Sugarnet is currently in the process of significantly increasing the amount of bandwidth we bring into Radway. The latest round of updates, due to be completed by mid-March, should see over five times the current capacity brought into the village on highly stable licensed radio links.

What does this mean for you? Firstly, the contention ratio for the village should drop even further ensuring there is very little change in speeds at any time of day. Secondly, and perhaps more excitingly, we’re going to increase everyone’s package to provide faster downloads, without increasing the price.

We’re also maintaining the synchronicity of our connections, so unlike other providers (including BT, Virgin and TalkTalk), upload speeds will match download speeds too – great for Facetime, file sharing, gaming and remote working.

100 MBs and 200 MBs Trials in Radway

We’re not stopping there! Sugarnet is currently planning further upgrades that will allow us to trial ultrafast 100Mbs and possibly 200Mbs synchronous connections in the village. Our team are currently surveying to see if we can bring our own fibre optic cables directly into the village to help deliver this and to potentially add another significant capacity increase. The trials are currently planned to happen in the mid to latter part of this year, and we’ll keep you updated along the way.


Looking to reduce your landline call costs and line rental fees? Sugarnet’s VoIP offering is nearly ready to go and is anticipated to be live by March. Our VoIP offering will be fully supported, cost competitive and backed by one of the biggest VoIP networks in Europe.

More Support

We also know that having fast access to local support is vital to our customers and helps us stand out from the crowd. To ensure we deliver the best support we can we’re taking on additional staff in February.  This will allow us to respond to queries and any faults faster and more efficiently.

A local Thank you.

Thank you for the support and feedback that all our customers regularly give us. As a small, local company, it’s important that we listen to you directly to understand what service you need and where you want us to be different from the bigger suppliers. We aim to offer a better level of service and faster, more stable speeds than the much publicised FTTC solutions. The offerings we’re planning above will ensure we can deliver on this.

Sugarnet builds Point-of-Presence in Telehouse North

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Sugarnet has commissioned and built a point of presence (PoP) in one of the world’s most connected data centres, Telehouse North.  Used by may of the world’s biggest technology companies and home to the London Internet Exchange (LINX), Telehouse North is a truly carrier neutral datacenter providing unparalleled interconnectivity and access to a key backbone of the global internet network.

This new capability will allow Sugarnet to expand the connectivity of its tier II carrier network offering both higher quality, lower latency, connectivity for its existing customer base and a greater range of connectivity options for new leased line and direct connect MPLS customers.

With diverse fibre routes, redundant power provision and multi-route network fabric this new PoP continues Sugarnet’s investment in key infrastructure and commitment to providing a first class network to its customers.

Specialising in wireless last mile delivery, Sugarnet offers highly competitive internet conductivity, working around the often high fees and timelines of direct rural fibre install.  If you are interested in leased line, multi-branch MPLS or last mile wireless internet connectivity please call our specialists on 0845 235 1010 or email hello@sugarnet.co.uk.


Registering interest for Superfast Broadband in Ettington and Pillerton, Warwickshire

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Sugarnet are now registering interest for Superfast Broadband in Ettington and Pillerton in Warwickshire. We will be offering packages for Home and Bussines users up to 30mbs (both download and upload speeds).

Once we have registered enough interest in the villages we hope begin installs very quickly (with in only a few weeks).

Our wireless solution offers high speeds and low latency in areas that are not covered by BT infinity or other providers that rely on copper phone lines.  Unlike satellite broadband we also do not impose data limits so you can stream and browse without the worry of incurring added costs.

If you live in Ettington or Pillerton and would be interested in our genuinely Superfast countryside broadband please do get in touch. You can either email hello@sugarnet.co.uk or call us on 0845 235 1010.

Update: We very nearly have enough interest registered in these areas and have already started preparing links. Do get in though if you would like to know more.

Oxhill and Whatcote now have Superfast Broadband

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Sugarnet are pleased to announce that we are now able to offer Superfast Broadband in Whatcote, Warwickshire and Oxhill, Warwickshire.

We are now taking orders for speeds up to 30mbs (upload and download) and are booking installations for before Christmas.

Our connections require no phone line (so no line rental fees) and are supplied wirelessly by our installers placing a small box or dish on your TV arial pole. Unlike satellite broadband our latency is very low, making it an ideal solution for people using realtime applications such as Skype, Facetime or VoIP

SugarNet Embarrasses Big ISP’s: Tackling Oxfordshire “Not-Spots” With New High-Speed Wireless Broadband Network

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The unconventional Oxfordshire based internet service provider, SugarNet, today unveiled a new, cutting edge, high speed wireless internet network. The network brings dramatically improved broadband services to rural Oxfordshire, massively surpassing speeds offered by the conventional “big” Internet Service Providers in many rural areas.

A hot and highly contentious issue for many, rural broadband speeds are a bit of a political hot-potato. As many Oxfordshire residents will know, in certain places less than 1MB internet speeds are about all that can be expected – making modern internet usage incredibly frustrating and for some applications, simply impossible. It is also known that internet connection speed is now a genuine factor in property sale prices.

About three years ago, SugarNet, an ambitious local company was founded and immediately initiated a pilot rural internet scheme. The intention was to use a new generation of cutting-edge radio technology to deliver genuine high-speed broadband to out-of-reach rural areas at very similar prices to conventional Internet Service Providers.

SugarNet has been overwhelmingly successful and received much praise but like all ambitious start-ups, the road has not always been smooth as Andrew Heron one of three founding directors points out:

“…it has certainly been a steep learning curve and there’s been times when we’ve been extremely appreciative for our understanding customers – who know and support what it is that we have been trying to do.

Our previous network was really a pilot scheme to prove the principle, which it did admirably! Since that point we’ve been quietly investing and beavering away on our new, vastly improved network which moves SugarNet into a new era of speed and reliability.

Simultaneously dealing with a fast growing business, building a new network and trying to provide good customer service at the same has been an almighty challenge! One that I’m happy to say we have now broken the back of!

SugarNet’s new network is entirely self-owned, built and managed, it is more robust and meticulously well engineered and planned – now enabling complete control for the delivery of consistent and reliable high speeds whilst enabling resolution of any network issues rapidly.

Although SugarNet standard packages are up to 20MB, the network can deliver reliable up-to 50MB synchronous (both upload and download) speeds in areas where traditional Internet Service Providers are sometimes offering 2MB or under for download and maybe 0.5MB for upload.

“Synchronous connections are much more important than people realise.” Explains Oliver Helm another founding director of SugarNet.

“Modern internet usage such as video calling, file sharing and in fact just general browsing requires that as well as downloading information from the internet, you also need to upload lots of information too. When people complain to you that your video is stop-start, or your sound is cutting out, that’s usually poor upload speed.

Most traditional ISPs quote only their download speeds, their upload speeds are sometimes 1/10th of this figure. With SugarNet, the upload speeds are the same as the download speeds, in short, no more stop-start video!”

SugarNet’s new network is now live and is already taking new connections in the Oxfordshire area. You can find out more by visiting http://www.sugarnet.co.uk or calling: 0845 235 1010.