Wireless Delivery

Our cutting edge wireless network delivers high speed, low cost broadband where others cant. Our speeds range from a simple 5 Mbs to 200 Mbs for home users to 10GBs circuits for business users.

No Line Rental Fees

Don't need a landline? No problem, our wireless services has no line rental fee and doesn't require you to have a landline. Alternatively if you like having a landline look at our cost effective VoIP options.

Cost Effective

No line rental fees, no data limits and no hidden costs. Or broadband only packages start from just £19.99 per month.

How it works.

Traditional broadband services (often called ADSL, FTTC or Cable) rely on copper phone lines between your property and the nearest telephone exchange to deliver your internet.  It’s a great solution, unless you happen to live in the countryside a long way from the nearest exchange.

SugarNet’s Rural Broadband is delivered wirelessly.  We use microwave technology to wirelessly “bounce” ultrafast bandwidth across the countryside to our mast sites and from there into peoples homes and offices.   Our high capacity, low latency network is fully monitored and maintained ensuring the highest possible standard of service and our friendly, local engineers ensure that you are quickly connected to our network.

Wireless delivery allows us to quickly reach new and hard to reach areas with out the time involved in digging up roads.

Check availability in your area now

Better Broadband Voucher Scheme

If you currently are unable to get broadband above 2Mbs and there isn’t a viable alternative in your area you may qualify for the Better Broadband Scheme.  Under the scheme you my be able to claim a voucher from the government to reduce the cost of your install.

Find out more and if you qualify by clicking the button below or calling us on 0330 113 1949.

Connection Vouchers - Reduce your install cost

Wireless broadband coverage

SugarNet have areas of wireless broadband coverage across the UK, but in particular we have high areas of coverage in the counties listed below.

If you would be interested in getting wireless broadband in your area get in touch with us. It typically only takes between 25 – 45 households to sign up in an area for us to get to you, and we can get to almost any business park right away.

Oxfordshire Rural Broadband

Our network started in Oxfordshire and we cover a large area of the county including, Banbury, Tadmarton, Sibford, Swalcliffe, Epwell, Shutford, Shenington, Shutford, Wroxton, Edgehill, Wardington, Claydon, Clattercote and Cropred

Warwickshire Rural Broadband

Our extensive coverage in Warwickshire has routes accross the rural county including Little Wolford, Cherington, Whichford, Brailes, Tysoe, Whatcote, Pillerton Priors, Ettington, Radway, Oxhill, Whatcote and Priors Marston.

Northamptonshire Rural Broadband

Our Northampton rural broadband coverage is expanding fast and as well as our existing coverage we are currently connecting up Middleton Cheney, Overthorpe, Warkworth and Thenford.

The Gower and South Wales

SugarNet is currently installing an ultrafast broadband network in The Gower, Wales.  If you would be interested in connectivity there please register your interest with us by calling 0330 113 1949 or emailing hello@sugarnet.co.uk.